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continual further dislocation of the orderly social
life of our great-great-grandfathers. No trade,
no profession, is exempt. The old social routines
and classifications have been, as people say,
" knocked silly ". There is no sort of occupation,'
fisheries, farming, textile work, metal work,
mining which is not suffering from constant
readjustment to new methods and facilities.
Our traditions of trade and distribution flounder
after these changes. Skilled occupations dis-
appear in the general social liquefaction.
The new power organisations are destroying
the forests of the world at headlong speed,
ploughing great grazing areas into deserts,
exhausting mineral resources, killing off whales,
seals and a multitude of rare and beautiful
species, destroying the morale of every social
type and devastating the planet. The institutions
of the private appropriation of land and natural
resources generally, and of private enterprise for
profit, which did produce a fairly tolerable,
stable and " civilised " social life for all but the
most impoverished, in Europe, America and the
East, for some centuries, have been expanded to
a monstrous destructiveness by the new oppor-
tunities. The patient, nibbling, enterprising
profit-seeker of the past, magnified and equipped
now with the huge claws and teeth the change